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Cannabis and cannabinoids, by Dr Robert Melamede Ph.D.

  • Cannabis and cannabinoids, by Dr Robert Melamede Ph.D.

    A doctor from the University of Colorado in America has an opinion on cannabis which will doubtless have the hardline anti-cannabis British government choking on their cornflakes.

    Until recently only a handful of yoghurt knitting, tree-hugging hippies would have dared utter anything positive about the much maligned and not very well understood cannabis plant.

    But over the last decade more and more scientists; people who are trained to understand the complex chemistry behind the human cannabinoid system, are putting the pieces of a huge jigsaw together.

    Slowly but surely the big picture gains clarity and whilst there are still a lot of pieces to put into the jigsaw before its finished, what we understand today is that cannabis is, and remains, outlawed for all the wrong reasons.
    Dr Robert Melamede Ph.D. is chairman of the Biology Department at UC, (University of Colorado) and he has dedicated his life to learning more on how the human cannabinoid system works.

    The Cannabinoid System has been around for over 600 million years.

    Before the Dinosaurs.

    The Cannabinoid System is continuously evolutioning and has been retained by all new species.

    Food and feeding is at the heart of the Cannabinoid System.

    1. Cannabinoids are in every living animal on the planet above Hydra and Mollusks, with the exception of insects. Bodies are homeostatically maintained by the Cannabinoid System.

    2. Mothers give their babies a booster shot of cannabinoids in mothers milk to give them the munchies because they have to learn to eat. (they've been fed thru the umbilical cord and did not have to know how to eat.)

    3. Mice lacking the CB1 receptors don't like any changes. If they are moved to another part of the cage they act upset and when they are put back to the original spot in the cage they relax, but if then put into another part of the cage they get upset again. Comment: I wonder if people, especially drug warriors, had their CB1 receptors blocked then they would resist change and the ones of us that have unblocked CB1 receptors enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids are a lot more relaxed and not paranoid about or over change. Interesting thought. It turns out that that thought is absolutely correct. Many people' brains are not capable of a good connection to the CB1 CB2 receptors.

    4. All new species utilize cannabinoids.

    5. By being alive and breathing air our bodies produce "free radicals". Cannabinoids help to reverse this action.

    6. Cannabinoids do kill brain cells, but the brain cells they kill are called "Glioma" or Cancer of the brain(Tumor). All other brain cells are protected and healed by cannabinoids. (Glioma cells cannot tolerate the action of cannabinoids)

    7. Cannabinoids protect against sunburn and skin cancer because of the CB1 receptors in our skin.

    8. Cannabinoids slow down the aging process. Mice that their brains respond to cannabinoids live longer and mice that have brains that block the CB1 receptors die younger.

    9. Activity in the evolutionary advanced areas of the brain is increased in cannabinoids receptors and promotes higher consciousness levels.

    10. Cannabinoids are even found in the white blood cells (CB2 receptors). The CB2 receptors are found predominantly on immunological cells and regulate the shift in the immune system to the anti-inflammatory mode.

    11. Cannabinoids protect the heart against Arythmia.

    12. The way it works on pain is there is specific nerves that deal with pain. They are called vanilloid-Receptors. Anandamide(sanscript word for "Blissful Amide"), the bodies internally produced marijuana binds with the nerve endings, reducing pain. Anandamides are produced internally by our bodies in response to a whole variety of conditions. As an example, Aspirin prevents the breakdown of Anandamide, the internally produced marijuana to activate & start working at easing pain. How many old lady's say they "WOULD NEVER" use marijuana & are actually using the equivalent of marijuana that their bodies produce as a natural activity, & don't even realize it. And how many politicians and citizens of the US do this also & aren't even aware they are condemning something that their bodies make naturally. Anecdotal evidence is valid because when a person smokes marijuana & it relieves their pain, then they smoke it again & it relieves their pain again it becomes a fact known only to that person, but nonetheless true.

    13. In the case of most autoimmune diseases, the bodies immune cells produces free radicals & is destroying it's own body as a foreign object. Cannabis pushes the immune system into anti inflammatory mode & helps slow the progression of that disease, thereby slowing down the aging process.

    14. Seizures are controlled by marijuana not only THC, but non-psychoactive cannabidiol.(CBD) The exact mechanism is not known, however HEMP is high in CBD's & can cancel out the psychoactive high of THC & at the same time benefits the user or smoker. Cannabinoids control everything in our bodies including our minds.

    15. There are many other things that Cannabinoids do in the body, besides attaching to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, the main cannabinoid receptors in the higher part of our brain. Cannabinoids affect our skin and other parts of our bodies.

    16. Pharmaceutical companies are working at sythesizing different cannabinoid components and different types of strains of marijuana. If they can succeed, then there will be more choices for you and I to choose from and we will be able to use what works best for our particular bodies.

    17. The natural course for mankind, because of the location of our CB1 CB2 the brains main receptors, is to be more stoned.

    18. Drug warriors are not doing what they are doing to us because they are intentionally evil, but because they are more primitive(obtuse comes to mind). They look at the world with fear and hostility not cooperativity and understanding.

    19. According to a brain function study of 150 depressed people Cannabis protects the brain against healthy cell death and it also protects Neurons.

    20. Cannabinoids dilate our brochial tubes and help asthsma sufferers to breath both in and out. Because of the balance that is maintained in our bodies for good health there are instances where it works backwards, where death is possible, if too much is smoked. This goes back to the effects of cannabinoids on individuals and if it doesn't work for you, you should not use it. There was some old studies that were done back in 1977 where "AEROSOLIZED THC" was used on patients. This is not what the government tells us when they say it's not medicine, but we are all familiar with the 7 government patients that are supplied marijuana to be used as medicine and we know the government is lying.

    Due to space constraints we're unable to publish the full text but we really can't recommend highly enough that you click the SOURCE link and read Dr Melamede's text in full. It provides solutions for a lot of unanaswered questions you may have about cannabis.

    Dr. Robert J. Melamede Ph.D. Chairman of the Biology Department of the University of Colorado:
    Conducting Scientific research on Cannabinoids

    University of Colorado
    1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
    Room 232
    PO Box 7150
    Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150

  • Cannabis and cannabinoids, by Dr Robert Melamede Ph.D.

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